Fire Detection & Prevention for Your Home and Family

What could be more life (and money) saving then the proper fire prevention measures in place for your home? Smoke detectors are fortunately not expensive and they can be had almost anywhere today. If you install a smoke detector on each floor of your home you sure did a lot to detect a possible smoke and fire. It cost you just a few bucks but your loved ones can now feel a lot safer!

Silightly damaged fire alarm panel. White isolated

Slightly damaged fire alarm panel. White isolated

Here are some tips about purchasing and installing modern smoke detectors.

The latest devices on the market today don’t even require that you test and change the batteries in regular intervals.

With their long living batteries, those smoke detectors can function several years and you never will have to worry about changing batteries.

For other, conventional smoke detectors available today you should make it a habit to regularly test them and change the batteries twice a year.

You should consult the manual of your smoke detectors to learn about how to install them properly and how you can test them and change the batteries.

As a rule, install a smoke detector anywhere where there is a heightened risk for fires. Good places can be your kitchen, your hobby room, your basement etc. Make it a rule to install at least one smoke detector on each floor of the house. Have one smoke detector setup right outside your bedroom. This can make sure that you will hear an alarm even if you are deep asleep.

In those places with a greater risk for fires you should have fire extinguishers easily accessible. In case of a minor fire, fire extinguishers can often help to prevent major damage!

Safety education for your children should be important! Teach your children about the dangers of fires. Teach them how to call the Fire Brigade in the case of an emergency.

For more tips about fire safety you can get in touch with your local fire brigade. There is also more information if you go to the Ansul website. There you can learn everything you need to know about fire detection and prevention for your home or business.