Do You Know The Singing Waiters?

I certainly had my share of wedding reception invitations in the last several years. Most of them had been fun, I admit. On the other hand, a lot of those parties had been one like the other. I mean, what everyone does at those eventsĀ  is pretty much the same wherever you go. Everyone eats and drinks like there’s no tomorrow and at some point most of those at the reception will have various amounts of alcoholic beverages consumed, not surprisingly.

The Singing Waiters!!

The Singing Waiters!!

The last wedding I went to in July last year was different tho and I enjoyed it more than any other I’ve been to previously. The organizers, my friends Berny and Jenna, had a great idea which took all the guests by surprise.

What happened was that the reception turned quite crazy right after dinner time. Let me tell you what happened. A bunch of the waiters at the venue all of a sudden started shouting and arguing and they did this really loud so as to really get anyone’s attention with the screaming and shouting.

Normally, something like that happening at an otherwise happy wedding reception would probably quickly turn very embarrassing for anyone. But this was different because as those waiters were shouting, music came on suddenly and out-of-the-blue and those “waiters” started singing and dancing: I present to you The Singing Waiters UK at their best!!

All the guests at the reception gasped when they realized this was all part of an act – It was GREATLY done! This was the first time I saw the singing waiters in action and I have to admit I never heard of them before! Their show at the reception was outstanding. Everyone there starting clapping and dancing as the singing waiters performed some cool dances to the latest tunes like Gangnam Style where everyone jumped on the tables.

I have to say, compared to just hiring a band or whatever else people do when they want entertainment for a wedding, the singing waiters beat them all. Seriously, you need to check them out!