Mail-In Rebates – Yes Or No?

I’d be interested to know what others think about mail-in rebates. On one hand, mail-in rebates are something really nice since you can get often substantial savings with products that come with such a rebate. For instance I bought a memory expansion for my PC two months ago where I was able to save 25% on the price after I mailed in the rebate.

The obvious downside of mail-in rebates:

It can take a VERY long time after you send in the rebate codes until a company honors it and sends you the money. Sometimes it can take two months. The other disadvantage is that you will normally have to cut out the bar codes from your product’s package and then of course you have to go through the hassles to mail them in. This CAN be problem for all those types of products where you plan to sell them later-on since you are forced to sell the product without the original packaging or at least the bar code on it missing.

What do you think?