Golf Holidays in France

France is one of the top choices to visit for golf holidays and there are multiple reasons for that. Here I want to discuss why you should think about France for the next time you plan a trip to enjoy your favourite sport.

France – A Golfer’s Paradise

To start with, what sets France apart from other locations is its fantastic variety of very well-designed golf courses. With the variety of courses in France today, any type of player can find their favourite green. Golf holidays in France mean greens suitable for absolute golfing beginners to even the most experienced golfers.  What most people might not even know is that France currently has about 500 golf courses: This is more than the number of courses in any other country in Europe combined. What’s more, a large number of the greens in France is amongst Europe’s top rated golf courses and they are preferred by pro-golfers from all across Europe.

Golfing Away From the Crowds

One of the big advantages of visiting France for your golf break abroad is that despite the big variety of spectacular golf courses in the country the courses are not overcrowded as is the case in many other locations. Unlike as is the case in the UK or at the popular but very crowded resorts at Spain’s Costas, golfing in France means no lines, no rush and no stress. It is the country where you can still experience golf in peace, where you can genuinely relax during and after the game.

A Climate That Is Just Perfect For Golf

France and in particular the southern part of France has a very comfortable moderate climate all throughout the year. This means that golf enthusiasts from further up north such as the UK can always count on perfect golfing conditions when they plan to visit the beautiful French regions in the South. In the regions near Nice or Cannes, players will find a plethora of stunning resorts along the French coast down all the way to the Spanish border. The Mediterranean climate with endless sunshine is sure to make such a golf break a truly unforgettable getaway.

Further up north the golfer can also find a good number of fantastic courses. France’s north, for example the regions of the Brittany or Normandy can be an option for those players who like it a little bit cooler for their game. One popular region for golfers here is the Pas de Calais, commonly also referred to as golfers paradise. The proximity to the UK here is another bonus since those regions will only require a short ferry trip across the channel for you to be there.


France – Golfing Par Excellence But There Is More!

Stunning greens, the perfect climate and the gorgeous landscape are already pretty compelling reasons that for golf holidays France is well worth considering as a destination. Yet France has much more to offer to make this a truly fantastic getaway.

France’s Word-Class Cuisine & Wines

The French cuisine is world-renowned and there are reasons for that. It can well happen that those who went to France for their game return home not only to rave about their great golfing experience but likewise so about the great foods and wines they could enjoy on their getaway. French cuisine while varied and flavourful is often rather light. With fresh salads, meats with little fat and fresh sea-food it is also quite healthy. This is another plus for those who love sports and who want to stay in good shape.

Obviously, we cannot mention France and its wonderful cuisine without mentioning France’s fantastic wines. Every day you spend in France golfing can have a great ending when you can enjoy one of the many fantastic regional wines together with your friends after the game.

As you can see, France can offer you everything you can wish for a perfect golfing break abroad. Book your next golf holiday in France today and get ready for a truly unforgettable experience!